Arabic Culture Program

The Deposit Free Library is offering a program about the History and Beauty of the Arabic Culture on Monday, June 25 starting at 5:30pm. Zain Darwish, a native of Syria, who earned his degree in Eastern Studies and Religions from Al-Azhar University in Egypt, will speak about the beauty and history of the Arabic culture and also describe life in an Arabic country.
Darwish worked for five years as an Arabic Language instructor for non-Arab students. If there is interest, he is willing to offer an Arabic language class. In a series of classes, students will be given a general idea of the Arabic language and study the writing and pronunciation of the Arabic alphabet with the goal of being able to conduct simple conversations in Arabic. If interested please contact the library at 607-467-2577.
There is no cost for the program or the class. Please feel free to contact the library for more information.