The Library Proposition

The Proposition
In 2007 library trustees put forth a proposition to the voters of the Deposit Central School District, asking that taxes be levied and collected by the school for payment to the library. Voters overwhelmingly approved this proposal. For the past 12 years, the library has received $55,000 per year from the tax levy. These funds have given us a guaranteed source of income. They have also allowed us to increase library hours, staff, and services.

Due to increases in the costs of doing business, Deposit Free Library trustees have decided to request an increase in the tax monies collected for our operation. The following proposition will appear on the paper ballot being sent for voting on the 2020-21 school budget:

Shall the proposition be approved authorizing the Board of Education of the Deposit Central School District to levy taxes annually so that the amount of taxes paid to the Deposit Free Library be increased from $55,000 to $65,000, in accordance with New York State Education Law 259; this tax to be separate and apart from the annual school district budget and to serve as the annual appropriation until modified by a future vote of the electors of the Deposit School District?

An increase in funding will allow us to keep up with increases in salaries, insurance, technology, and other operational costs. It would also allow us to offer more programming for all age levels. This proposition gives the voters the opportunity to decide on the level of library services they want to provide for the Deposit community.

The library director and trustees would be happy to provide additional information or respond to questions at any time.