Commonly Asked Questions

Does the school district own the library or control its funds?

No. The school and the library are separate. The library is chartered as an association library – not a school district library. This means the library owns its building and property. The school’s only involvement is collecting the library tax and turning those funds over to the library. The school district is not responsible for library maintenance, operating costs, or construction projects.

Does the library receive any other public funds?

No. The library stopped receiving public funds from the Village of Deposit, Town of Sanford, and Town of Deposit in 2007. Broome County stopped providing library funding in 2018.

Why not apply for grants to get more funding?

Most grants available to non-profit agencies will not cover operating expenses. We do apply for and often receive grants to cover the expenses of major capital projects and for some of our programming costs.

How will the library use the increased funding?

The library will use the increase to pay for operating costs, salaries, insurance, programming costs, and the purchase of new materials.

How will library services be improved if the proposition passes?

Additional children’s, family, and adult programming will be offered. We will be able to give the library director and staff more hours, which will allow us to increase our services. We will be able to update the public computers and provide more technology services for our patrons.

Will the library trustees go to the voters every year asking for more funds?

We do not have plans to ask for annual increases. Many libraries do ask for increases every year or every two years. Our trustees made the choice not to return to voters until we really felt a need for more funds. With the loss of Broome County funding, the elimination of BOOKS program grants, and increases in the minimum wage, insurance costs, and automation fees, that time has come.

What happens if the proposition is voted down?

The library will continue to receive $55,000 each year from tax monies. There will be no increase.