Book Sale Room

Book Sale Room

The library has a room designated for the sale of used or discarded materials.
The Book Sale Room is open during all of our operating hours.

We sell a wide variety of materials, including adult fiction and non-fiction, paperbacks, children’s books, and audio-visual materials.

The cost for most items is $1.00 for a hardcover book, DVD, music CD, and 50 cents for a paperback book.

Donation Guidelines

People often ask if they may donate used materials to the library.
We do add some items to our collection, but many go to our sale room.

We are grateful for donations but ask that you use the following guidelines:

We accept:

*All children’s books and DVDs
*Adult fiction books published since 2000
*Adult non-fiction books
*DVDs rated G, PG, or PG-13
*Audio Books on CDs
*Music CDs

We do not accept:

*Adult fiction books published before 2000
*DVDs rated R
*Encyclopedia sets
*Reference books published before 2010

All donated items should be clean and show only light wear. Please do not donate ripped or moldy books, books with an odor, or DVDs with missing discs.

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