Patron Obligations

Patron Obligations

A. The library is not intended to be used as a child care service. Children
under the age of 8 should not be left at the library unsupervised.

B. There will be no eating or drinking allowed in the library without
permission from the Board of Trustees.

C. Strollers and carts should be left in the entry hall or outside, weather

D. The Deposit Free Library is a smoke-free facility. No person may carry
a lighted cigarette, cigar, pipe, or other smoking object or device,
including electronic cigarettes, in the library or on library grounds.

E. The library is a public space shared by many people. Behaviors such as, but not limited to: loud talking, cell phone use, or verbal abuse interfere with others’ enjoyment of the library. Any person engaging in a disruptive behavior, thus creating a nuisance to staff members or other patrons, shall be warned. If the behavior persists, the offending person shall be asked to leave the library.

F. Patrons are expected to keep their accounts in good standing by paying all charges owed to the Deposit Free Library and other 4cls libraries in a timely manner. This includes charges for overdue items, lost or damaged materials, referral fees, and other miscellaneous charges. Failure to keep an account in good standing will result in a loss of borrowing privileges and the privilege of using the library’s public computers.

G. Children under the age of 18 with library cards are considered juvenile cardholders. A parent or guardian assumes the responsibility for juvenile charges when signing the child up for a card. Because of the frequency of multiple family cards and the possibility of family charges building up to a prohibitive level, the library requires all charges on all family accounts must be paid before borrowing and computer privileges are granted.

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