Public Computer Access and Policies

Public Computer Access and Policies

The library has five computers for public use. A sixth computer is designated solely for use with the microfilm reader.

Use of the library’s public computers is a privilege. At all times users must be aware of the rights of other library patrons and staff members. The library is also bound by governmental laws regarding public computer use designed to protect minors from inappropriate internet information.

A summary of computer use rules is listed below. Failure to comply with these rules will result in denial of computer privileges.

*You must register at the main desk in order to use a computer.
You must present a valid 4CLS library card or another form of

*All outstanding charges to all 4cls libraries must be paid in full.

*Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

*A patron’s computer usage is limited to one hour per day.

*Users may not send, receive, display, or print inappropriate materials.

 Users may not engage in any activity that is illegal, harassing, or defamatory.

*Users may not alter in any way the settings of computer hardware or software or engage in any activities that may be construed as hacking.

*Users may not violate copyrights of others.

*When using a program that has audio, users must use headphones.

*The librarian on duty may view any screen being displayed on the public-access computer at any time during patron internet sessions.

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